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Dunnotar Review
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John Keith is looking at his world, but he really does not see it. Dunnottar Castle is the home of the Keith clan. Virtually impenetrable, it is one of Scotland’s most important landmarks. Janet Elaine Smith does not tell you the history of the castle, nor of the family Keith. She takes you by your hand and walks you through their lives, trials and tribulations. How does the King and Queen of England fit with the Kirks of Scotland? I could tell you, but, I won’t. If you like history, this is the English civil war from the inside. You are not a history buff? Check the romance involved. Who is marrying whom and where?


Dunottar falls to the rebels, or does it? Read how Ms Smith takes the readers inside the castle during a siege and how everything is resolved. Squire Hastings and Judith are felt on every page, even if they are not mentioned. This is a family history the likes of which you will never see again. Each page takes you deeper into the woods, and brings you back out. Look, there goes a man dressed as a woman, but who is it? You may be surprised to learn the truth. Check out the description of the family jewels. Read the characters, you may never wear argyle socks again.