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Par for the Course Review
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This book is really a trip! Mechi starts off teed off, then soaks up a bit of history before scoring the hole in one. If you it a golf ball, it explodes into a ball of feathers and you trip over a tree root, you may want to look carefully at your surroundings!!!


When Janet Elaine Smith writes a book, history just is not the same. You’ve been to Dunnottar, you’ve seen the mad king of England, now you have a chance to see another side to the Keith clan. Ms Smith takes a girl raised on a horse ranch in Paris, Texas, puts her on a golf course in Maryland as the pro, then sends her back in time 450 years.


Guess what happens when they see the duds this gal wears.  The Victorian era knew nothing of blue jeans on women. Is she a witch, or an angel? The queen is in danger and a golf pro is sent back to save her. How does she do it? It’s amazing what a few loaves of moldy bread and a love starved Keith can accomplish. This book is another fine jewel. Visit the clan Keith but keep your eye on the mysterious stranger that is deposited in their midst. Be prepared to spend your evening with this book because once you open it, you won’t put it down until you’ve supped on the very last tender morsel.