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Housecall to the Past Review
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It is a rare doctor indeed who makes a house call. It is even rarer when that doctor travels two hundred years into the past to do so. Dr. Angus McPherson did just that. As he got out of his car and walked across the field to help the man there, he stepped back two centuries. A bolt of lightening, a field and a miracle brought Doc Angus to where he was needed most. After he delivered the baby he met a very beguiling and yes, even bewitching woman. Maria would often pound on the chest of this treasure before she realized the true jewel she had.


John and Mary Hallet had a lively and windy home. John, the master carpenter never quite got around to patching the holes at home but did wonderful work for others. Doctor McPherson notices the cradle John has made and knows he saw it before, but was it the same one? Once Maria and Angus are wed, John builds them a fine house. He also goes to the closest furniture outlet, the local forest, and build all the necessities for a decent home.


Housecall is the recipe for good reading. A cup of family life, add in a few teaspoons of sex, cleanly written, and add a dash of piracy. You’ll be ready in shipshape for that next night of thunderstorms. Look!! Out that window! Is that John waving? Grab your favorite slicker and join Doctor McPherson as he revels in this house of Hallet.