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When the Ocotillo Blooms - a review
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The drive was long, hot, and the destination a new experience. Lynn, a Fort Worth schoolteacher was leaving the comfort of the city and headed for a dude ranch. What had she gotten herself into? It was to be a most unusual vacation. The ad said a bread cook was needed and she was good at baking. It was going to be good to be away from the city, away from the kids for a while. Was she ever in for a surprise!


Ocotillo Ranch was typically Texas, big. Seth Williams the owner was equally big with a heart to match. This was no ordinary ranch because every summer Seth brought in several troubled kids. His goal was to try and open their eyes to a better life, through love and hard work. That hard work translates into a big hunger. That is where Lynn Devry came in. A mutual acquaintance, Dr. Arthur Wayne recommended Lynn for the job of bread cook and Seth took him at his word and hired her, sight unseen. It was only when she was on her way there that he learned Lynn did not understand the full context of her employment. Everyone was in for a surprise!


The sound of the horseplay of children was familiar to Lynn. But when she awoke and realized where she was, it was very much out of place. Seth was about to get his first lesson from this tigress of a teacher. She in turn was about to learn the full terms of her contract. There is much more to this so-called dude ranch than meets the eye. Is she really in shape for it? Let’s check in a few weeks later.


There are not many bread cooks who also learn how to swim and have to deal with various other planned activities. What had she gotten herself into? Her first full day seemed to shed light on how horrid this summer was going to be. How could she survive? She had little choice; she was locked into a contract. Well, she could always return to Fort Worth and finish her summer as she usually did. That she stayed says a lot for the vibrancy of Ocotillo Ranch. Seth Williams also did his share of convincing.


What is the secret behind this ranch and the programs it offers? Linda LaRoque develops a story line so compelling that it is very hard to stop reading. Lynn’s experience really is life changing. Is it really possible to return to the life of a city dwelling schoolteacher after living on Ocotillo Ranch? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

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