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Christmas Dream Script
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Before you leave the house to watch A Christmas Dream play, make sure you have plenty of tissues. Janet Elaine Smith’s book now a screenplay will not allow a dry eye in the place! This is not a sad play by any stretch of the imagination! Follow Susan and Jeremy as they leave the sadness of losing their husband and father in Iraq to the dream of a lifetime.


Winter in Minnesota is grueling but even under the worst of conditions, snow cannot stand up to the warmth generated by Susan, Jeremy, Kevin, and the rest of the cast. This is a must see movie and must buy book. Kevin, Susan’s boss jumpstarts Susan’s car. Jeremy does the same to mom as he teams up with Kevin to make this a Christmas to remember. A Christmas Dream goes from historic homes to making history. You think you know Santa Claus? You will, after seeing this marvelous play. Let us hope they serve sugar cookies and hot chocolate. If not, Susan will make you yearn for them.


Travel with Susan from the North Pole to Northern Minnesota. You will never look at insurance or winter the same way again. Janet Elaine Smith writes the most heart-warming books and this, the screenplay is only the beginning. Stop at Burger Donald’s to eat, then relax as the holiday spirit envelopes you. A Christmas Dream is love in three acts.