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Bed and Breakfast Murders Review
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Zero cemetery lane sounds more like an address for a Halloween Hall of Fame, not an exclusive bed and breakfast. But, that is the address for the Pink Lady Slipper and it lives up to its address this time. With the upcoming arrival of six guests, it looks like the winter bookings are starting off on a good foot. The weather looks threatening but the guests make it. The first question that comes up is who are the guests? They didn’t give a name when the reservations were made and when they signed in, the only name was Mr. Marquis.


Trudy owns and runs the slipper and she has quite the eclectic crew to help. The two hired hands on staff act like brothers yet are constantly fighting like mortal enemies. Alexandria was her best friend and carpenter as well as all around help at the B&B. Part-time help came from Alexandria’s boyfriend Stu and Trudy’s friend Xavier. One of the main attractions of the Slipper was the stagecoach ride, but with winter fast approaching, they needed to set up a trail for a sleigh.


“Where did that gold handled dagger come from?”


One must admit it is a bit disconcerting to be fixing a meal and have your primary guest walk in and collapse with a knife between her shoulder blades. To complicate matters, the first major blizzard of the season shuts down all the roads. It’s difficult to figure out who may want to kill her if you don’t even know who she is! Before it’s all said and done, more are destined to meet this same fate.


Find out who else is carried out and why in Billie Williams remarkable tale of ‘The Bed and Breakfast murders”.  With new guests, Trudy thought the scandals had finally gone away, but now it has gone international.