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Fatal Addiction Review
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Fatal Addiction

A Review


We are at war!!! It is not a war that we will win easily, if ever we do. No, I don’t mean with guns and bombs in some foreign country. The war is here, at home! We are being laid low by legal drugs remixed into lethal forms.


I know what you’re thinking, but these drug dealers go by different names, such as Doctor, or Pharmacist. The name of the game is money. Read Everett Beal’s chilling account’s in “Fatal Addiction”. What are the true criminals? Are these terrorist? Check your medicine cabinet. How many prescriptions do you have?


You go to your doctor and he prescribes something to heal you. Or does he? How do you know whom to trust anymore? Did the pharmacist give you all your pills? Were they the right ones, the right dosage? Read “Fatal Addiction” and be scared straight. You may be ok, but how about your loved ones? Your friends. This is one scary, yet all too true book. It is well worth the money and time.