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I Romanced the Stone review
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I romanced the Stone

A review


It was love. But not all loves are good. This love can, and does, kill!! Ah, but this begs the question of who loved who. Marvin’s love was a black power love. Black because crack cocaine is the blackest of all evils. Once you start, you love the feeling but crack has the power to make sure you never leave.


It started out innocent enough. Peace, love and rock and roll. Turn in, tune out and all that. The hippie generation had arrived. They were going to change the world. We had free love. Make love not war. There were slogans against every established rule of order. But then they grew up. Most of them became yuppies, the money loving capitalists of today. But not all gave in to the establishment. Marvin Wilson, in his book, “I Romanced the Stone, tells his story of not giving in. He had his ideals.


He went through many stages of discovery. The established religions did not answer his questions. Then he discovered Zen. Life was good. Although he did not turn into a total yuppie, he did fall into the money trap. It came in and went out even faster. But he was bored. There must be more to life.


He found it, in the form of a pipe and a girl. He strayed from the path and landed in a bramble bush that almost finished him. Thankfully he had the support of family. Read “I Romanced the Stone” to follow his rise, fall, and rise. Marvin was lucky.