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The Astral Review's

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The Astral

A Review


The light was almost blinding, yet welcoming at the same time. Only a few steps and she would be within its warm embrace. But she couldn’t move. The voices brought her back to a grim, harsh reality. It was then that she realized where she was, what had happened. But, while she was facing the light, something else had happened also.


The first voices she heard came from the light. Then upon her return, she heard the doctors. Behind the medical staff were detectives. They wanted details. What happened to your daughter, to you? Who did it? Catherine only had some of the answers, but she wasn’t going to do much talking, yet. She came back to her earthly life for a reason.


V. J. Banis spins a chilling tale of child abduction, murder and intrigue in The Astral. This is not your typical cops, robbers and chase ‘em down type mystery. There is an aura of the mystique about it that will pull you in and keep you tied to your seat til the very end.


Does Catherine find out who stole, then killed her daughter? More important, who and/or what are those mysterious voices emanating from the light? Pick up your copy now to find out. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for the mystery fan, it is a must have.