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Beyond Blue Review
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Bonnie E. Doss


Ouch! You’re hurting me! This seems to be the tried and true theme of all books on abuse and recovery. You get the graphic history and how that person overcame it. All that does is strengthen your pain. Bonnie E. Doss has a new and much better approach. How much did she suffer? She doesn’t really say. But how she overcame the adversity is spelled out in very colorful phrases.


She goes beyond the 12-step program to actually living a life. You’ll journey from your living room to Hawaii. The rainbow and all it’s vibrant colors will put your life on track. She will renew your faith. I’m not taking about religion, but faith, it does not matter your religious beliefs, but your personal beliefs will be strengthened.


Beyond Blue is not a book to be taken lightly. Bonnie walks you through the steps with a most unique method. Her methodology is easily applied by anyone, any religion or no religion. Read Beyond Blue and get on with your life!!