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Knapsack Secrets
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Knapsack secrets is one of the latest and best of Billies books. Read the reviews here.

Reviewed by Brenda J. Kleager
Forget about sweet cozy mysteries. Knapsack Secrets has too much suspense, drama and action to be classified as such a mild novel. From the first chapter to the last, my heart was racing - sometimes with indignation, sometimes with dread or horror. There were enough pauses for pleasant scenes to give the reader an occasional emotional rest; but not for long. The characters have depth with clear motivations, whether good or bad. Billie Williams gives us several issues to consider within the context of a drop-dead (literally) story: adultry, abuse, murder, homelessness, business politics, friendships and life in general. Knapsack Secrests would make a great selection for book club discussions, as well as personal reading. This is a page-turner; one of those books that will keep you up all night to finish. Then you will spend the next day thinking about it. 

Knapsack Secrets Review


Corporate sabotage!! Even Audrey’s husband was against her. What did she do to deserve this? Office politics can be devastating at times and this time was the absolute worst! Audrey, woman of the year, was being lied to, lied about, then fired. There was neither rhyme nor reason.


Pouring salt on the wounds, Jarrad, her husband, walked out. Granted he worked late more often than normal. But for him to be hanging on the arms and between the sheets of some floozy just was not him! This is the opening scene of Knapsack Secrets, by Billie Williams. What she does with corporate America in this small town shouldn’t happen anywhere, but she does it with panache! We the readers are drawn into this drama through purloined love letters and the illustrious diary. Who did what to whom, and why? A dead body, unrecognizable, in the gallery brings us down to earth with the fatal attraction of women, or is it greed?


Read Knapsack secrets and find out how a homeless woman, a street urchin and a deceived ex executive woman rock the town’s elite. How many secrets does Brother John have? There is more than soup in that soup kitchen.


Ron Berry Professional Reviewer