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The Bottle Ghosts Review
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The Bottle Ghosts – A review


“He’s gone! I really did it this time.” Indeed, Jerry Shea was gone and far as his ‘Partner’ John Bradshaw knew, it was the end. It was, of course, the beginning of the search by Private Investigator Dick Hardesty. Drunks disappeared all the time and gay drunks even more so. The cops weren’t interested. Dick was.


The hunt was to take him into territory he did not expect. Dorien Grey writes a very compelling mystery. If you’re looking for gay romance and steamy sex, this ain’t it! If you’re looking for a very complicated whodunit then this is the place. Was Jerry found, and if so where and in what condition? You may be surprised at this answer and no, it was not Shea stadium (a la Jimmy Hoffa). As you read through this, you’ll learn that Jerry is not the only one missing. Others seem to have vanished off the face of the earth with no apparent reason. This is not science fiction, so there has to be a real down to earth reason.


There is, but you have to read it all the way through to understand why. As to the ‘who’, that may be the biggest surprise of all. There are clues, but can you follow them? If you think you’re a good armchair detective, try Bottle Ghosts.