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HIs Name is John Review
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His Name is John

A Review


The room was abuzz with activity. The person in the chair was named John. No one sees him? I can’t turn that way but I hear him. It is with this paraphrased opening that ‘His Name is John’, starts. The speed picks up fast and keeps going. There are a lot of cops and robber’s books, murder mysteries, but not like this one. As soon as it looks like the answer is on the next page, it changes. It flows smoothly all the way through. Dorien Grey is a very good writer.


Unlike his detective mysteries, there is no private investigator as the main character. Elliot is a real estate speculator. But he ends up in the hospital. That is where he meets John. The gangster angle doesn’t develop until after he is released. Early on odd things happen in basements. Measurements aren’t quite what they are supposed to be. So, what do gangsters, basements, hospitals, and old neighbors have in common? Dorien Grey and his new book, ‘His Name is John’.