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Berry's Reviews
A site to read reviews for books I have read.

On these pages are the reviews I've written for many authors. Below my review (if I've written one for that book), will be reviews, written by others. Click on the link titled authors and you'll meet the people. Click on their names to go to their page. On their page you'll see the covers to each of their books. The bookcover is a link to the review for that book. The idea is to get these books into the hands of you, the reader.
Peruse the site, read the reviews, then buy the books!! To read the reviews:
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Have a book with a lot of words but can't seem to get that cover picture just the way you want? Kristie Maguire can and she knows great covers because of her connection with Star Publishing (One of the best ones around).
You know what you want for a bookcover, but your paintbrush just doesn't go there? Check out this:

A very special poem

Grandfather's Promise

 Written By: Barbara Williamson-Wood

June 29, 2007


My soul has touched the edge of heaven

A place where few souls have ever been

The voices gently called out my name

Beckoning me to join the golden choir

Symphonies of the treasured life abound

As my voice slowly lifted in harmony

The eagles soared high above the pines

Reminding me of   my place below

Challenging   tasks still left undone

His great breath blew strong yet caring

Upon my cheek, I felt his lasting kiss

Grandfather sent a child back home

With a promise to sing once more


His drums he would beat in prayer.