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This is not a ‘dirty’ book, but there is a lot of dust flying on the opening page! As you proceed through this book you will see a lot of dirty dealings and how well the primary players handle them. The Kahills of Willow walk is the story of one family’s struggle to keep the namesake alive and in prime operating condition in spite of mounting turmoil.


You’ll slide from the barn at Willow Walk estate to the sleek fashion world of Kat’s boutique.  Sylvia K. Hamilton treats the world of high fashion and family values very tenderly yet uses the power of her characters well and appropriately. Money affects different people different ways. As you read through these pages one can see how being more down to earth plays well in strong character building.


Cable, Dawson, and Polly Dee start the show. How do they fare at the end? Check out how Kat deals with the New York version of Lincoln. As time elapses, Dawson is married but his wife really fires up the action! Kat gets curtain calls and Val tries to call the shots. Who wins? By the time you’ve finished the first question you will want to ask, is, “More please?”.

Flipping the last few pages of the Kahill story I have found myself drawn through a tale of great triumphs and great loss. I was swept away as the various characters each realized their dreams in turn. Defining it solely as a romance would be a grave mistake because it has lessons of honesty and trust to impart as well. I would definitely recommend this story to those who have the courage to reflect on our modern world.
Review by Bradley Simpson, Author of Dreamsbane of Tamalor

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