Marvin Wilson
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Marvin Wilson

About The Author


Marvin Wilson is the son of a Christian minister, a family man,

husband, father, and grandfather. He has had several professional

careers, including: musician, nightclub entertainer, construction

contractor, Buddhist minister, network marketer, motivational

speaker, sales trainer, and adult education teacher.

Marvin considers his life to be a spiritual journey, and each

of life’s experiences, whether troublesome or pleasurable, to

be lessons. Teachings from God. Throughout his entire adult

life, he has been journal keeper, a reflective writer about these

lessons, and the attendant wisdom and understanding gained

through experiencing them.


The most significant and painful lesson Marvin has ever endured

and lived through was his complete economic, emotional,

psychological, and spiritual downfall in his mid-fifties.

This experience was nearly fatal, as it culminated in a serious

narcotics addiction. The lessons learned about humility, faithfulness,

integrity, genuineness and honesty, and putting God

first, others second, and self last, in every situation, however

challenging and difficult to understand, are the foundation and

basis for his decision to publish his first book, entitled I Romanced

The Stone.


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I Romanced the Stone