Bonnie E. Doss
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Bonnie E. Doss advocates pure and simple living. She is the author of “Chocolate Days & Shadows”, the memoirs of an abused child of an alcoholic. “The Book – A Primer for Seekers of Higher Consciousness” is her debut Truth-teaching book, written under the tutelage of Avatar, The Mentor. The “Begin to Remember” series of workbooks are based on the ancient adage that all we need to know is within us, we simply need to remember.

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Her latest work, “Beyond Blue” is a composite teaching of awakening and healing, which validates there is more to the post-victim’s life than simply surviving via the one-day-at-a-time methodology.

Her poetry has appeared in “The Spirit” and “Modern Romance”.

While her writing is deep, it is at the same time, clear and comprehensive. A tribute to mature women, she began her writing career at age 50. Her mission is to effectively bridge the gap between the 3-D material world and the highest consciousness of the True Self. You will find her writer’s voice gentle, poignant and transformational.

She studied under Dr. Bill Vaughan, founder Universal Creators Community Church and Ms. Linda Petty, Psychic, where she attained Master of Life Guidance Counselor. Avatar, a man of super-consciousness has chosen to remain anonymous

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Beyond Blue