Dorien Grey
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Dorian Grey has penned close to a dozen Dick Hardesty mysteries. Nowhere is Mr. Hardesty described but each book fills in a little more of who he is and what he looks like. His characters are spunky and cleverly laid out in his books. Check back for more information about this most interesting author.

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If it is possible to have a truly split personality without being schizophrenic, Dorien Grey qualifies. Born Roger Margason, Dorien emerged in 2001 with the publication of the first book of the Dick Hardesty mystery series. Dorien took on the writinig chores while Roger assumed thetook over  day-to-day existence (eating, sleeping, running errands, paying bills, etc.). It's worked out very well, and has reached the point where Roger merely sits at the computer and reads the story as Dorien writes it. He's often surprised by what emerges.
Roger has had a not uninteresting life of his own, as a lifelong book and magazine editor with steamer trunks full of memories and adventures into which he dips whenever Dorien is looking for somethinig to spice up a story.
"They" currently live in Chicago and devote full time to writing: books, blogs, and the like. Two new books will be published this year, with two more underway.

The Bottle Ghosts

His Name is John