John B. Rosenman
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John B. Rosenman is an English professor at Norfolk State University in Virginia. His first novel, The Best Laugh Last, won Treacle Press’s First Novel Award and was published in 1980 and 1981. More Stately Mansions: The Selected Works of John B. Rosenman, was published by Dark Regions Press in 1999. Beyond Those Distant Stars (Novel Books, Inc.) appeared in 2003. Mundania Press published Speaker of the Shakk and Beyond Those Distant Stars in 2007. Drollerie Press published the e-book of Alien Dreams in 2007, with the trade paperback scheduled for 2008.

Rosenman has also published 300+ short stories in places such as Weird Tales, Starshore, Cemetery Dance, The Age of Wonders, Hot Blood, Whitley Strieber’s Aliens, and Treachery and Treason.

A past Chairman of the Board of HWA (Horror Writers Association), Rosenman has also published articles on censorship and served as editor of several magazines, including Dark Regions and Horror Magazine. At Norfolk State University, he teaches literature, composition, and creative writing courses, including a course in writing science fiction and fantasy. He has also been a member of a productive writer’s group for nearly twenty years and credits many of his novel and short story sales to them. In 2006 he edited a textbook, Introduction to Literature, which is used for English 207 World Literature courses at Norfolk State. Rosenman writes a monthly blog on writing at Storytellers Unplugged, a community of thirty writers.

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Alien Dreams