DMR A review
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A Review


CUPATEA! Eleanor would yell cupatea whenever she wanted a drink. Eleanor was only one of the residents John would encounter at Viridian House. Although it appeared to the outside world as a regular residence, Viridian house was actually a residential treatment center. Over the course of his tenure, John, a recent college graduate, would meet and interact with all of these Massachusetts mental health patients


John had the opportunity to transfer to Grey House. His first challenge was to acclimate himself to the day shift. While working at Grey House, John met a person that was a microcosm of too many school systems, when a resident mentions an overlooked learning disability.


Daniel Trask has laid bare our mental health system. DMR is a well-written treatise on residents housing for the mentally disabled. Employees at residential centers interact with the patients. Daniel Trask treats this subject with reverence and well written text.