Joyce Scarbrough
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Joyce Scarbrough

Joyce Scarbrough

I'm a 45-year-old Southern woman who hates it when I see myself or my peers portrayed in books and movies as either post-antebellum debutantes or barefoot hillbillies ala Daisy Duke, so all my heroines are smart, unpretentious women who refuse to be anyone but themselves. I've lived all my life in southern Alabama, I'm the mother of three gifted children, and I've been married for 24 years to the love of my life--a public school teacher, coach extraordinaire, and total hunk. When I write about true love, I'm writing what I know.

I'm currently shopping my third novel, SYMMETRY, to agents and working on two other novels and a non-fiction project to write the story of an incredible man I met recently whose wife has been in a coma for the past eight years as the result of a parasite in her brain.

Readers can find samples of my work at Author's Den ( and get a laugh or two from my blog at

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