Different Roads
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Different Roads Review

Jaycee is not your average female, but then her dad makes up for it by being a better than average drunk. No mother and a drunken father turn Jaycee into a very tough person. She has a goal, but to achieve it she has to survive the derision of her classmates. Her best tool is sex and arrogance. She uses both to her advantage. She grew up in poverty but only financially. She was smart and knew what she wanted. She got a good start when the scholarship arrived. Jaycee knew her ticket away from her deadbeat father and dead-end life was sports. Her skills on the softball field earned her the athletic scholarship to the college she wanted.


College was a chance to start new. In a different state with much different people, her childhood should have been nothing but a bad memory. As it turns out, jocks are the same everywhere. Testosterone driven egotists and the women who drool over them surrounded her. The worst of the lot was Bud. The worst of it was the fact that not only was he an egotistical idiot, but he was also rich. These two had nothing in common, or did they? What roads did they take that had them run into each other? Joyce Scarbrough writes a chilling, gritty tale that is a must read for anyone who is a parent or had parents, or wished they did. Hmm, sounds like a must read for all.


As you travel these roads you will meet some very interesting characters. Most are quite likeable but there are the expected and even unexpected snobs and hangers on. How does an egotistical athlete with a rich dad fare with a poor Journalism major with an attitude? As the various kids show up throughout the book, watch how each of them grows and teaches the adults lessons they should have learned as youngsters. The language is rough. It is full of sex and the derivative language associated with that. It has to be. This is not a bedtime story, but a story of survival. Follow the road Jaycee takes and see how deftly she fills in the potholes of her life. However, her road also skirts the edge of a deep ravine in the form of a nightmare. As she travels this precipice gets closer and closer. But, as her road crosses over the road Bud is on, the trip becomes easier. She has replaced potholes with bumps and gravel, but they travel forward. They take one turn after another but one of them finally takes them both to the brink of disaster and the edge of the precipice almost takes her. How does she recover? Read Different Roads to discover the full truths behind the lives of these two traveler’s.